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It's winter ...

It's winter - time to check over your trailer

The winter months are a great time to have a quick once over your trailer.

Good things to check are the:
- wof & rego, are they current and displayed
- coupling, safety chain & shackles
- jockey wheel & winch
- fit of the rollers to boat, has anything moved?
- lights
- wheels, how is the tread & the pressure, have you got a spare?
- bearings, we suggest bearings are re-packed annually
- brakes
- frame, any rust or cracks?

Is your trailer in need of a service, any repairs or maintenance or just a few new parts ?

We repair, service, maintain and sell parts for all makes and types of trailers - just give us a call 09 415 2378, email

Don't have time to or don't know what you are looking at ? We also offer a basic service for $80 incl. GST and once completed we will update you on the overall condition of your trailer. We also have a pickup / delivery service for Aucklanders and a mobile mechanic on the road.

Plus we're always happy to chat if you are just after some advice !
Definitely in need of new springs !
Definitely in need of new springs !

Spare parts - we sell them
Spare parts - we sell them